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Inspired by my cat Penelope, I would always practice drawing or watching tv shows and without fail, Penelope would arrive. She would walk all over the keyboards and art pads trying to give me her paw of approval. I began PenelopeLovePrints in 2015 on etsy, at first, it was just a progression along the road of making art of my favorite shows and pop culture as a hobby. After a few months, my friends encouraged me to start an online shop to share my work and I began selling my artwork to the public.

I enjoy making artwork ranging in styles from quirky fun illustrations to digital or traditional watercolor prints featuring some of your favorite characters, as well as mixing food drawings to random themes.

I hope you enjoy browsing my designs and find something you love! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Thank you for shopping with PenelopeLovePrints.