The Revenge of Cuccos
Here are some photos I took while painting “The Revenge of Cuccos” (oh I love this name).
I am a very lazy person, I always forget to take progress photos while I paint. Social media kinda force me to document my artwork a little bit better nowadays. I would eventually videotape my painting progress and maybe start a Patron or something, one day! One day! 
Anyway, I had a lot of fun painting this one. I didn’t play a lot of Zelda games growing up (I played a lot of Mario though) but one thing I always remember was Link being chased by the chickens which later I found out their name was Cucco lol. This scene had stuck in my head for years and I finally decided to paint it. 














I started with sketches in Photoshop, it is my go-to method to start my painting because it is just so much quicker and easier to adjust composition and add details.

I printed it out after I was happy with the sketch, and then transferred to watercolor paper with a lightbox, I used a green color pencil instead of a regular pencil because it was less likely to be smeared and it blend in easily with the painting. 

I started with background first and moved onto other area slowly.

I tried adding details and finished a small section one at a time instead of laying down general color to the entire piece and add shadows and details later.

I found it more manageable this way and I wouldn’t forget small details and sections. It was quite interesting mixing all these green colors. I don’t use a lot of greens in my palette regularly, it was fresh to see how many different shades of green I could create by mixing different colors in.

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 I still have problem with showing depth of field and defining value, but overall I am happy how this turned out :]

Thanks for reading!


December 14, 2016 by Penelope Paws

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