See the journey to a Happy & Festive Chinese New Year

See the journey to a Happy & Festive Chinese New Year

See the steps leading up to my watercolor Cat Town painting!
February 11, 2018 — Penelope Paws
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Pokemon Painting Process

Pokemon Painting Process

Here is my attempt to document a step-by-step painting process of the Pokemon Painting I just finish. 

First I made my sketch on Photoshop, so much easier to adjust composition and scale. Photoshop is very flexible on changing and adding stuff to your sketch. If you don't have Photoshop, you can use  Corel Painter or PaintTool SAI, any digital program you can find. 

Then I print it out and transferred the sketch onto my watercolor paper using a lightbox (If you like painting watercolor too purchasing a lightbox is so helpful, no more dark lines and messy erasing on your drawings).

I started painting my background first because I didn’t do a color study, I was kind nervous how the colors and value was going to turn out. I still have trouble with pushing foreground and background and make the painting has more depth, need more practice!

After I layout color for the background I moved onto the pokemon trainer and then the pokemons.

Lastly add details and made some texture for the sand. I used color pencils in some of the area since watercolor dulled a little after it dried. I found Prismacolor Verithin Colored Pencils much better when it comes to working with watercolor painting. It is much harder and able to give you crisp lines. If you want to shade, I would recommend using the soft Prismacolor Premier Color Pencils. 

Here is another close up.



Thanks for reading :] 

November 18, 2016 — Penelope Paws
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Super Smash Bros Poster from Start to Finish

Super Smash Bros Poster from Start to Finish

This is the latest art piece I've been working hard on. For those that don't know—this is an artwork featuring the variety of characters from the Nintendo Universe of video games, as well as characters in their Super Smash Brothers video game.

It took around 20-30 hours to finish this, I hope you all enjoy seeing the behind work in progress photos.


Rough Digital Sketch of the Idea

Digital SSB Sketch


 Final Sketch

Final SSB Sketch

Close Up

Final SSB Sketch

Here you can see my reference drawing, and status of the scenic area.

I opted to start with the land formations as it was all similar colors and easier to work with. 

Lifestyle Painting in Progress

Close up of Watercolor Characters

Starting Character Paintings

Time Lapse of Work in Progress  of King Deedeedee


Around 40-50% of the way done.

About Half Way Through SSB

Another close up

Almost Complete

After painting everything, I had to transfer my artwork into a digital file. I couldn't normally scan it in a flatbed scanner as the watercolor paper exceed its. So instead I took a photo of the poster with a digital camera, 3 continuous lights, along with 2 foam boards to serve as reflectors.

Photo Camera Booth


Lastly, the final outcome



 You can find it here!

Super Smash Brothers Watercolor Poster

September 05, 2016 — Penelope Paws
Ghibli Themed Candle Paintings

Ghibli Themed Candle Paintings

Close up of Candles

I recently made a few Studio Ghibli themed paintings to go along with my collaboration with Christina on instagram @ Flicker.Candles. She makes awesome 100% soy wax candles and even beautiful looking cup cake candles. Check out her instagram to see her creations! 

Flicker Candles

Flicker Candles Etsy Shop

So without further ado, lets get a better look at these watercolor paintings! 


Spirited Away Candle Painting

Amber Romance 
floral hints of jasmine and violet with an overall hint of woody effect

Howl's Moving Castle Candle Painting 

Sweet Temptations
luscious floral with hints of light citrus notes combined with jasmine, lavender and lily of the valley

Totoro & Mini Totoro Candle Painting 

Teak Bamboo
star anise, crushed clove, and bamboo leaf with mid notes of indian jasmine, casablanca lily and iceberg rose on a dry base of woods, white amber, vanilla sugar, oak moss and teak.

Under the Rain with Totoro & Mini Totoro Candle Painting 

Green Tea 
captivating aroma of freshly brewed green tea leaves

Kiki with Jiji Pastries

Cinnamon Buns 
sweet, freshly baked cinnamon buns dripping with rich, buttery frosting

Whack a Kodoma with San Candle Painting

Cedar Kodama 
nice aroma of log cabin in the woods


Again, thank you Christina for the awesome candles and if anyone is interested in a full set of these candles, please contact me or Christina for more details! 

July 14, 2016 — Penelope Paws
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Chicago Ramen Visit & Artwork

Chicago Ramen Visit & Artwork

So last weekend was one of my friends birthday and it so happens that he loves ramen. We decided to go to Chicago to spend the day there as well as try some ramen restaurants that we haven't tried before. 

The first ramen place we went to was Jinya Ramen Bar in Chicago

Cha Cha Cha Ramen
Jinya Ramen Bar - Cha Cha Cha Ramen

Spicy Umami Miso Ramen

Jinya Ramen Spicy Umami Miso Ramen

Jinya Tokotsu Black Ramen

Jinya Tonkotsu Black Ramen

Many hours later after walking around Lincoln Park Zoo, it was nearing dinner time so we headed off to Oiistar in Wicker Park.  

~.~ This place was deeeeeelicious, wasn't sure if its cause we were exhausted, or due to the place blasting A/C, or if the food really was that good. 

For appetizers, we ordered the Berkshire Pork Belly Gua Bao, and Roast Duck Gua Bao. 

Oiistar, Chicago Roast Duck Gua BaoBerkshire Pork Belly Gua Bao

Oiistar Classic Ramen

Oiistar Classic ramen

Oiistar - Oiimen

Oiistar - Oiimen

Oiistar - Spicy Zzolmen

Oiistar - Spicy Zzolmen


At last and not least, to share my love of ramen~ here are two of my recent artworks with ramen. 

Naruto ft. #9 Jinchuriki and Frog Summon eating Ramen

 No Face chilling in a ramen Bath

Noface Chillin in Ramen Bath


Thanks for reading!


June 21, 2016 — Penelope Paws
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When Cute Animals Meet Delicious Foods

When Cute Animals Meet Delicious Foods

This is a recent series I've been working on in traditional watercolor. It features cute animals and some of my favorite deserts. I hope you like them!

Strawbeary Cake

Strawebeary Cake

Devil Cat

Devil Cat

Donut Dog

Donut Dogs

Ferret Taiyaki

Ferret Taiyaki

Giraffe Green Tea Parfait

Giraffe Green Tea Parfait

Party Turtle

Party Turtle

Polar Bear Sushi

Polar Bear Sushi


May 09, 2016 — Penelope Paws
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