Super Smash Bros Poster from Start to Finish

This is the latest art piece I've been working hard on. For those that don't know—this is an artwork featuring the variety of characters from the Nintendo Universe of video games, as well as characters in their Super Smash Brothers video game.

It took around 20-30 hours to finish this, I hope you all enjoy seeing the behind work in progress photos.


Rough Digital Sketch of the Idea

Digital SSB Sketch


 Final Sketch

Final SSB Sketch

Close Up

Final SSB Sketch

Here you can see my reference drawing, and status of the scenic area.

I opted to start with the land formations as it was all similar colors and easier to work with. 

Lifestyle Painting in Progress

Close up of Watercolor Characters

Starting Character Paintings

Time Lapse of Work in Progress  of King Deedeedee


Around 40-50% of the way done.

About Half Way Through SSB

Another close up

Almost Complete

After painting everything, I had to transfer my artwork into a digital file. I couldn't normally scan it in a flatbed scanner as the watercolor paper exceed its. So instead I took a photo of the poster with a digital camera, 3 continuous lights, along with 2 foam boards to serve as reflectors.

Photo Camera Booth


Lastly, the final outcome



 You can find it here!

Super Smash Brothers Watercolor Poster

September 05, 2016 — Penelope Paws

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