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See the journey to a Happy & Festive Chinese New Year


Since Chinese New Year is coming up soon, I decided to make a Zodiac/Animal inspired watercolor painting centered around the celebrations and festivities that occurs during this time. 

Check out the images below to see the work in progress to make this painting happen.


Initial Idea

Cat Town Sketch


Transferring to Paper

Cat-Town-Sketch-Transfer to Paper

Painting the Background

Painting Background

Murphy is bored waiting for the color to dry.

Waiting for paint to dry

Working in background details

Close up of Details

After several nights of work, there's more detail now.

Wider view of details

Close up of River Section

Close up of River Section

Almost finished

Close to Finishing

This picture's color is a bit off since I finally finished by night time and was using the light bulbs as a source of light but finally finished it. Over, it took too long and many days.

Basing it off of my progress pictures, I started in mid December and didn't finish until middle of January working a little bit each night.


February 11, 2018 by Penelope Paws
Tags: traditional

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