Just Started My Patreon!

Hi everyone, I am finally ready and made my Patreon page! In case you are wondering, Patreon is a way you can support and contribute to me every month, in return you will receive exclusive rewards!

My name is Jiaqi aka Penelopeloveprints, I am an illustrator based in Chicago. After graduating college, I rediscover my love for watercolor and traditional paintings, and I couldn’t stop creating since then!

In the past year or two, I started my Etsy shop as well as starting to attend different conventions throughout the U.S. I have decided to work full time creating art and attending conventions. I post my work frequently on social media such as Instagramtumblr, and facebook. I also starting to film and share painting time-lapse videos of my paintings on my Youtube channel. 

By supporting me via Patreon you will help me fund the resources I need to create art full time! You will also help me to attend more conventions and expand my product lines on Etsy :] I will be posting sketches, work in progress, time-lapse videos here on Patreon. Thank you for visiting my page! My page and spread the word, thank you :)


April 17, 2017 by Penelope Paws
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